Dressing Dreams: My Artistic Journey at Miss Tahiti 2018

My unforgettable experience with the Miss Tahiti 2018 election, which crowned the future Miss France


As a prominent tattoo artist from Polynesia, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Miss Tahiti 2018 election, an event that would unveil the future Miss France. Not only did I witness the beauty and elegance of the candidates, but I also had the privilege to contribute to their experience by designing unique patterns for their dresses. In this article, I would like to share with you this memorable experience and take you behind the scenes of Tahiti's most prestigious event, which propelled our winner to the national title.

Vaimalama Chaves Miss Tahiti 2018 Miss France 2019                           Vaimalama Chaves Miss Tahiti 2018 Miss France 2019 


Participation in the election

I had the honor of being chosen to design the patterns for the candidates' dresses. I worked closely with the stylists and the candidates to understand their vision and create dresses that showcased Polynesian culture while reflecting the participants' elegance and beauty.

Candidates Miss Tahiti 2018                                    Miss Tahiti 2018 candidates

To achieve a perfectly tailored result for the candidates' figures, I opted for a particular artistic approach: drawing directly on a real mannequin. This method allowed me to create designs that harmoniously embraced the curves and highlighted the natural beauty of each candidate.

The importance of custom-made designs

The choice of patterns is crucial in creating outfits that reflect Polynesian traditions. That's why it was essential to work directly on a real mannequin to achieve a result that would perfectly fit the candidate's figure

.Design pattern Miss Tahiti 2018

This approach allowed me to immediately visualize the effect of the patterns on the figure, play with the curves, and create designs that harmoniously flattered the shapes. Every line drawn was meticulously studied to ensure that it highlighted the candidate's assets and enhanced her natural beauty.

The impact of the election

The Miss Tahiti election is much more than just a beauty pageant. It plays an important role in promoting Polynesian culture and empowering women. By participating in this event, I was able to contribute to this impact by showcasing Polynesian craftsmanship and art. The fact that our winner subsequently won the prestigious title of Miss France was a source of pride for the entire Polynesian community and reinforced our position on the national stage.

Vaimalama Chaves Miss Tahiti 2018
                                  Vaimalama Chaves Miss Tahiti 2018

Creating design patterns for the Miss Tahiti dresses was an exceptional artistic experience. By drawing directly on a real mannequin, I was able to bring to life designs that perfectly adapted to the candidates' silhouettes. This approach resulted in a spectacular outcome, showcasing the natural beauty and grace of each participant.

Candidates Miss Tahiti 2018
                                 Miss Tahiti 2018 candidates

I never could have imagined that our winner would later become Miss France,. I am honored to have been a part of this journey that propelled our winner to national glory.

Vaimalama Chaves Miss France 2019
                                   Vaimalama Chaves Miss France 2019

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