Artist Spotlight : TUIANI

Kaoha nui,

My name is Tuiani and I come from the Marquesas Islands, specifically from the Hakamai Valley in UA POU. Since my childhood, I have been passionate about drawing. I grew up in a family of artists and naturally followed in their footsteps. However, I wanted to go further by combining my passion for art and my love for my culture.

Inspired by my roots, I began to capture the essence of my culture in my drawings and artistic creations. This is how I discovered my passion for tattooing, an ancestral art that allows you to tell a story on the skin and perpetuate the traditions and symbols of our ancestors.

That's when I decided to join the Tagaloa Tattoo team. I was young and determined to learn the best of this discipline. I wanted to improve and acquire new skills from Makalio, an iconic figure for me in the tattoo world.

A year later, I decided to specialize in Patutiki to honor my origins and share my culture through this art of tattooing. Today, I am proud and honored to have joined a team as passionate as me about this ancestral art.

My goal is simple: to share and promote my culture through the art of tattooing. It is a way for me to pay tribute to my ancestors and perpetuate their history and traditions, while offering my clients a unique and personal experience.

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